Evolution of Email and XMPP (Jabber)

The evolution of Email and XMPP (Jabber)

We love decentralized nature of Email and XMPP, but, unfortunately, these technologies do not meet today's challenges. In Coect we intend to take all best that we have in these technologies, and add missed parts.

Coect is freedom

Coect is the freedom of communication. Open protocol integrates Email, XMPP, RSS, VoIP-telephony, video conferencing, data transmition in P2P mode, and the typical features of social networks (users can follow each other, broadcast, comment, repost, etc). Coect protocol provides addressing, discovery, authentication and transmission of any data between any devices connected to the Internet: computers, smartphones, wearable and home sensors.

Coect is freedom for developers. Any company can build a service using protocol Coect, and interact with other companies without limitations. Right now we exchange emails without thinking about what kind of server, Internet provider or email client the recipient of the message has. Coect adheres to the same approach.

Coect is freedom for the users. Anyone can use their domain name as username in Coect. You can even use a free address on a shared server like Gmail. You can change your Coect-provider anytime and keep your address and contacts. All communication between users can be encrypted.

When the final version of the protocol will be available?

Such complex protocols like Coect, can not be born immediately. At the first we plan to create a working version of the prototype to test it in the real world, then collect users opinions and expert advices, and only then we can start to think about the final version of protocol.

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