Healthy competition or cold war?

The Internet feels like a quilt today. Every startup tries to pull it their way to take the bigger bite. Large internet companies often create unnecessary barriers between their own users and users of competing web sites. Shortly we can expect a generation that haven't seen anything at all, except for Facebook.

Cooperation instead of destruction

The word coect is made up of two words, coact and connect. It means that we need to coact to connect with each other.

Coect project offers an alternative to the monopoly — free communication protocol. Coect is hundreds of national, corporate and niche social networks that allow users to interact directly with each other. Using Coect you can chat with users of other social networks as easy as now you exchange email with any recipients.

Universal address for everything

Today, we have to use different addresses for the same person based on type of communication: phone, email, social news — we believe that this is inconvenient and plain wrong. Coect offers a universal address for everything.

The same address can be used for phone calls, text messaging, video conferencing, and reading the news in social networks. Universal does not mean single address per person. To communicate at work, you can use one universal address, for communicating with friends — the other one.

The computer is dead. Long live the smartphone!

The world of technology is changing so rapidly, that not everyone knows what is desktop, a symbol of the era of PC. Smartphones and tablets have outstripped desktops by the number of units sold 2 years ago. The data of this year show that the share of mobile customers continues to grow steadily. Wearable Internet devices become a part of everyday life. Homes are filled with smart sensors. We stand on the threshold of Internet of Things.

All these diverse network nodes should exchange information and hence use a standard protocol that everybody understands. It is here that we see a market niche and primary goal for Coect: teach all Internet-connected devices to speak the same language and understand each other.


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